Resistance Bands Pilates Stick

Resistance Bands Pilates Stick

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The Pilates Resistance Band and Toning Bar is like having your very own portable Pilates studio.

The innovative design includes a steel bar with two resistance-band power cords and nylon foot loops. From bicep and tricep curls to lunges, squats, and more, the Long and Lean Toning Bar lets you get a full-body workout.

Sculpt and tone your abs and develop long and lean muscles. Great for yoga stretching and low-impact muscle toning.

  • Specification

    • The total length of the product after connection is 92cm.
    • The steel pipe is 22mm thick and the handle diameter is about 33mm.
    • TPE tension tube 10mm diameter.
    • The weight of our product is 930 grams because our wall is very thick.